About Us


Our history

Our history

Our history

Founded in 2007, the Association of  

Liberian Engineers – USA, Inc. (ALEUSA) is

Liberia’s premier engineering and science

organization in the United States whose

objective is to help promote the sciences

and engineering profession in Liberia.

ALEUSA is a 501(c) 3 non-profit 

organization that is run by the National Executive Committee consisting of Liberian Engineers and students pursuing degrees in the field S.T.E.M at undergraduate and

graduate levels.



Our history

Our history

ALEUSA’s vision is to develop and

maintain an engineering and technical

capacity with the social, economic and

environmental impact vital to sustain-

able development and improved human

welfare in Liberia.


Our Mission

Our Mission

Our Mission

ALEUSA’s mission is to promote the

engineering profession in Liberia, and

to ensure engineering and technology

life-changing benefits improve Liberia

and the lives of its people through pro-

grams designed to support educational,

research, professional practice, 

advocacy, outreach and other services 

permissible for organizations of our type.



Our Mission

Our Mission

A passionate commitment to

 professionalism, leadership and quality service to improve the quality of life in Liberia and the communities we serve.

• Protection of the public welfare

above all other considerations.

• Ethical and competent practice of


• Innovation through the creative

application of math, science and


• Continuous learning for professional


• Teamwork, unity and fellowship of

all engineers.


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