ALEUSA membership gives engineers the tools and services they need to be better

informed and better connected within their professional community. 

Career Advancement

ALEUSA’s online job advertisement allows employers to post- and job seekers to search-

top engineering opportunities throughout the US and Liberia

Networking Opportunity

Through interest groups, blogs, and events, members can reach engineers across the US and Liberia.

Each year, the ALEUSA annual convention brings together engineering colleagues, and corporate sponsors to make important connections at vibrant locations around the United


Leadership and volunteer opportunities offer many options for positive impact within your community.

Advocacy and Outreach

Through its government relationship effort, ALEUSA projects a powerful voice advocating the interest of the engineering profession. ALEUSA’s public outreach activities, 

demonstrates the positive impact engineering and the sciences have on everyday lives.

Opportunity to be a mentor to pre-college students

Membership Types

Below are the ALEUSA membership categories and their corresponding dues.

Student Member $12.00 Annually

Undergraduate and graduate student majoring in science, technology, engineering, and/or mathematics (STEM) at a collegiate institution or graduate level student who majored in STEM as undergraduate.

Technical Professional Member $120.00 Annually

Working professionals and graduate students who majored in science, technology, engineering and/or mathematics seek to fulfill ALEUSA’s mission via avenues for networking and professional development while giving back to the community