When the unexpected happens, ALE Solutions manages policyholder’s needs with compassion and expertise.

What We Offer

Streamlined Temporary Housing Solutions

After adjusters refer policyholders to ALE at the first notice of loss, our experienced Relocation Specialists immediately start to find quality housing that fits each family’s needs.

Connect in Minutes

When adjusters refer policyholders to ALE, one of our team members contacts the policyholder to determine the best temporary housing option.

Stay Close To Home

ALE searches for cost-effective hotel and temporary housing options close to the family’s home. Our relocation specialists throughout the U.S. provide local expertise.

For Every Family Member

ALE learns special requirements of the family from the adjuster’s first conversation. We accommodate pets and special needs so every family member is considered.

From Couch To Coffee Maker

ALE orders and coordinates the delivery of furniture, housewares and appliances to the temporary residence.

What to Expect

An ALE representative places a quality assurance call to policyholders after move-in, manages the needed lease extensions based on repair duration and progress, and reminds policyholders of final move-out tasks.

Policyholder Text Messages

ALE enables 2-way text communication with policyholders to make it easier for policyholders to get the support they need. An ALE representative responds to messages 24/7/365.

Payments to ALE

Securely send payments to ALE Solutions for portions of living expenses that are not covered by your insurance policy. This includes deductibles, rent and utility abatements, security deposits, and other miscellaneous housing expenses.

View Temporary Housing Details

Policyholders can view details of their temporary housing, including room reservations and digital receipt submission, and learn what to expect of the temporary housing process.

Request Hotel or Housing Extension

When repair schedules are delayed, policyholders can request hotel or housing extensions from the app that are sent to their adjuster for approval.

Contact ALE, Hotel or Landlord

Policyholders can communicate with an ALE representative 24/7/365 and contact their hotel or landlord from the app.

What We Offer


The industry’s first app designed specifically for displaced homeowners allows policyholders to manage all aspects of their temporary housing stay from their mobile device.

iPhone displaying the MyALE HOME App login.
iPhone displaying the MyALE App user login.


Temporary Housing App

MyALE HOME policyholder app - everything in one place

The MyALE HOME app helps to manage all your claims and contact information in one place, including submitting policyholder receipts for faster reimbursement.

ALE solutions policyholder video thumbnail.

Frequently Asked Questions

When natural disasters or other unexpected events occur, ALE finds quality housing that fits each family’s unique needs. Our Relocation Specialists accommodate pets, disabilities, and other special needs to make sure family members are comfortable. ALE also orders and coordinates the delivery of furniture, housewares, and appliances to the temporary residence, so policyholders can focus on other tasks.

ALE Solutions is committed to providing the optimal property for your unique situation. To accomplish this, we are adept at providing different types of housing on a short-term basis. These are single-family homes, townhomes, apartments, mobile homes, furnished corporate suites, and hotel rooms. All can be provided furnished to suit your needs. ALE Solutions does not own any of the properties we provide. We are focused on securing the most appropriate property for you, typically finding a home similar and close to your damaged residence.

Immediately after we have received a referral from your insurance adjuster requesting housing, we contact you. We quickly locate appropriate housing, negotiate a lease, coordinate the showing of the property, coordinate all paperwork including the move-in & set-up of furniture and housewares, and handle any needs during your temporary stay. ALE can arrange for a short-term hotel stay while you are viewing available property options.

We accommodate domestic pets in most of our placements. Often the landlord or hotel charges a pet fee in the form of a non-refundable deposit. Some breeds may be restricted.

Yes, we accomodate solutions for your special needs. Upon initial contact with you, ALE will ask about any special requirements of your family. Most hoteliers offer handicap accessible rooms with first-floor access.

We typically locate properties within one day and make them available for you to view at your convenience. Once a property has been approved by you and your adjuster, we set a move-in date. Furnished corporate suites are usually available for immediate occupancy. Properties that we furnish take several days to prepare. Trailers typically take 7-14 days to deliver, set-up and furnish. While we are arranging for suitable long-term housing, we can arrange for direct billing of hotel charges for room and taxes.

Typically, you’re responsible to activate utilities. When requested by your adjuster, we will coordinate utility connections and transfers.
Each property is furnished to suit the specific needs of the family. Our furniture packages come in several levels of quality to suit the family’s lifestyle. Specific requests can be accommodated from home offices to special needs furnishings.

ALE provides a move-in checklist to inspect or report any damaged items. At check-out or move-out, you are ultimately responsible for any damaged items.

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