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ALE manages temporary housing details from the First Notice of Loss to the family’s return to their home so that insurance adjusters can raise the level of service you provide to policyholders.

What We Offer

Streamlined Temporary Housing Solutions

Refer your policyholders to ALE Solutions at the First Notice of Loss. We find temporary housing that fits your policyholders’ specific needs, so we can assist you with time-sensitive tasks. 

Hotel Placement & Booking

ALE secures a convenient, cost-effective hotel accommodation for policyholders typically within an hour of the First Notice of Loss, ensuring that policyholder’s immediate needs are met as quickly as possible.

Secure Temporary Housing

ALE places more families in housing from coast-to-coast than any other temporary housing provider. We provide properties that meet policyholder’s expectations and remain within policy provisions.

Streamlined Communication & Control

ALE manages every part of the hotel stay, including fielding all calls from policyholders. If the family needs an extension, an ALE representative will reach out to you for approval.

Every Detail Considered

When an ALE representative first contacts a policyholder, they will ask about any unique requirements including pets and special needs.

Experienced 24/7/365 Support

ALE team members are trained to deliver personal, empathetic service to policyholders. Our Hotel Call Center is staffed to personally serve you and your policyholder.

Extended Stay Hotels

ALE is the largest nationwide temporary housing customer for the major extended stay chains, with access to discounts.

Cost Control & Savings

ALE Solutions increases savings by managing all housing and hotel-related expenses using our tools, technology and hospitality expertise.

Volume & Hotel Buying Power

Leverage ALE's strategic hotel partnerships and purchasing power to control temporary housing costs. Using our parent company, Corpay’s established hotel network, we ensure adjusters have housing during a CAT.

Comprehensive Search

We provide cost-effective property options by using our exclusive nationwide properties database and custom search engine for locating listed properties.

Significant Savings on Furnishings

ALE is one of the largest furniture rental customers in the US. Adjusters can access discounted prices to keep the price of furniture, housewares and appliances low.

Streamlined Billing

ALE’s hotel professionals secure chain-wide and property-specific rate agreements with hotels across the nation.

What We Offer

Carrier Solutions

ALE Solutions, the leading temporary housing provider, tailors our housing solutions to each carriers’ needs to give them a consultative, measurable program.

Expert Technology

ALE is the industry’s leading technology based temporary housing solution provider. We offer advanced technology applications and platform integrations that provide efficiencies to adjusters.

Access to Housing Professionals

ALE has the industry’s most tenured team of temporary housing professionals. We offer unique trend analysis and insights with real-time claim tracking and customizable First Notice of Loss responses.

Measurable Insights

ALE establishes benchmarks and key performance metrics, based on the carrier's service-level objectives, so carriers receive customized management reports.

Your Trusted Source

Platform Solutions

ALE’s core technology-based solutions helps adjusters manage the claims process more efficiently. Through our integration with some of the industry’s most widely used tech-stack platforms, ALE is able to deliver greater flexibility and provide claim insights.

ALE Solutions Adjuster Portal. Ready to make claims management easier?

MyALE is your end-to-end solution to managing claims efficiently. Watch to learn how the MyALE portal makes claims management easier for adjusters.

ALE Solutions insurance adjusters video thumbnail.

Streamlined Portal

Manage all aspects of your temporary housing assignments—from placing a new long-term housing request to a hotel stay—through an easy-to-use, consolidated dashboard.

Integrated Technology

MyALE integrates with carriers’ claim platforms to streamline temporary housing management.

Flexible Interfaces

With MyALE’s role-specific interfaces, adjusters can receive time-sensitive email notifications and access on-demand housing costs and invoices. Managers can view all claims, track billing, and analyze key performance metrics.

Adjuster Portal


The MyALE online claims management portal gives adjusters and managers a simple way to manage hotel and long-term claims from any device.

iPhone displaying the MyALE App user login.
MyALE insurance adjuster portal on mobile phone.

Frequently Asked Questions

ALE Solutions saves insurance adjusters time and money and enhances your service to the insured. When your policyholder is in need of appropriate temporary housing, it becomes their foremost concern. Understandably, they expect your undivided attention until the issue is resolved. We act on adjusters’ behalf to meet their expectations by quickly providing an appropriate hotel or temporary residence that meets their specific needs. Our prompt, personalized service means your family can turn their attention to assisting you with other aspects of the claim process.

We save you money by controlling all housing-related expenses and streamlining the invoice process. We provide the most cost-effective property by first determining the type of temporary housing that best fits the given situation. We then locate all available properties that meet these criteria to develop the most cost-effective housing solution. We keep expenses low by shopping among all available options, leveraging relationships with property owners, and being adept at negotiating short-term residential leases. We also provide significant savings on furniture, housewares, and appliance rental costs.

Determine the length of time necessary before the home can be reoccupied. Call us if the housing requirements are for a duration of one month or greater. Remember that our assistance is free-of-charge if we are not able to supply a suitable cost-effective property.

You can simply go to our website and fill out our Request Form or call us directly at 866-225-5054.

We make it our goal to contact the policyholder within minutes of your request. We typically locate properties within one day and make them available for viewing by the insured at their earliest convenience. Upon approval of a property by you and your insured, we set a move-in date. Furnished corporate suites are usually available for immediate occupancy. Properties that we furnish take several days to prepare. Trailers typically take 7-14 days to deliver, set-up, and furnish. While we are arranging for suitable long-term housing, we can arrange for direct billing of hotel charges for room and taxes.

Immediately after you contact us with your housing request, we contact your insured. We locate housing, negotiate a lease, obtain your approval on the rate, coordinate the showing of the property, and all paperwork. We facilitate the move-in and set up of furniture, housewares, and appliances. We handle any issues that arise and monitor the policyholder’s need throughout their temporary stay.

ALE bills upfront for the duration of the stay. The invoice will list each month on separate line items. The security deposit, if any, will be listed separately. Any extensions will be billed as they are incurred.

The policyholder will need to sign the residential lease as presented by the property owner. The policyholder will also be expected to sign a housing agreement with ALE Solutions if they agree to accept a property we are providing. The agreement outlines the responsibilities of both parties and gives authorization for housing related insurance payments to be paid directly to ALE Solutions.

All our leases are negotiated with a 30-day move-out/extension notice provision. We will contact you in writing and by phone 45 days prior to the end of the lease so that you will have sufficient time to determine if the lease should be ended or extended. It is important that a notice is sent out on time so that additional charges are not incurred.

When requested, we will coordinate utility connections and transfers.

We accommodate domestic pets in most of our placements. Often the landlord charges a pet fee in the form of a non-refundable deposit.

Yes, we accommodate solutions for policyholders with special needs. Upon initial contact with the policyholder, we will ask about any special requirements of the family. Most hoteliers offer handicap accessible rooms with first-floor access.

Accurately estimating the length of stay helps to control costs. It is important not to significantly underestimate the length of stay needed. For example, it is more expensive to ask for a three-month stay with (3) one-month extensions than requesting a six-month stay from the outset. Property owners become more receptive to short-term rentals and lease prices tend to decrease with longer lease commitments.

ALE stays informed of Federal and State tax-exempt and tax credit laws.

Our experienced relocation specialists utilize a number of tools and techniques for finding all available properties that suit the specific needs of the family. Among our resources are an exclusive nationwide database of properties and a custom search engine for locating listed properties. Many available properties are not listed and are found by following an exhaustive manual search protocol.

Each property is furnished to suit the specific needs of the family. Our furniture packages come in several levels of quality to suit the family’s lifestyle. Specific requests can be accommodated from home offices to special needs furnishings.

The optimum property is one that meets the expectations of your insured while remaining within your budget and policy provisions.

Yes, ALE can locate hotels with kitchens. We typically seek extended stay hotels with full kitchens for hotel stays. These hotel properties lend themselves to a displaced family. They are more comfortable and homelike for the guest and offer families the ability to cook their meals thus reducing the overall expense.
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