Homeowner Fire Safety for the Holidays

Thanksgiving is the first celebration of the holiday season. It’s a time to be with family, friends, and other loved ones to give thanks for being together. It’s also a time to eat! Thanksgiving is considered the biggest meal preparation day of the year. You’re chopping, peeling, sautéing, using the stove, the oven, the sink, and the counters. Maybe you even have a group of people in the kitchen with you. Things are hectic, people are going in and out, and nobody notices the smoke beginning to rise. What do you do?

Microwave and oven fires

You can handle flames that erupt in your microwave or oven in three easy steps:

  1. Keep the door closed.
  2. Turn off the appliance (unplug it if you can).
  3. Let the fire burn out in the enclosed space.

Stovetop fires

If a fire starts, grab the lid or cookie sheet that you have handy and cover up the flames until they smother out.

Oil or grease fires

As with a stovetop fire, cover the flames with a metal lid or cookie sheet. Leave the cover on until it has cooled.

When to call for help

Ask yourself these questions to determine if you need to call 911:

  • How large is the initial fire?
  • How fast is the fire growing?
  • What is feeding the fire?
  • Will anything in the proximity of the fire feed it?
  • Is anyone in the home that depends on you to evacuate?

If any of these factors are in play and you feel the situation is dangerous, assist others to get out of the house and then call 911.

The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) states that cooking is the leading cause of home fires and fire injuries, accounting for 43 percent of all reported home fires! Note: The NFPA recommends avoiding the use of gas-fueled turkey fryers, even if properly used outside. The amount of cooking oil necessary to cook the turkey poses a significant safety risk.

Exercising fire safety is important every day of the year, not just Thanksgiving. Prepare ahead of time, and stay alert to help avoid disasters!

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